Boxelder Bugs do they bite and are they dangerous?

Boxelder bugs are harmless insects, but if crushed, emit a foul odor and stain clothes and furniture. They belong to the Hemiptera family and are known for entering homes as the temperature starts to drop. They are seen entering homes as Winter approaches and gather together in Autumn within footpaths, walls and tree trunks.

Box elder bugs do not bite and most people do not develop allergies from them. The Elder bug inhabits the Elder Maple tree and are herbivores, primarily feeding on its seeds and sap. They also feed on other maple trees for nutrition. In order to eradicate them one of the steps is to exterminate them from these trees so that they cannot enter your house.

If you want to keep some of your trees, you need to first seal any cracks in your foundation and any openings in doors and windows. Use can use a vacuum cleaner to confiscate any existing bugs and use a mild soap or detergent to spray onto the bugs to kill them.

If you decide on keeping your maple trees, you just need to tackle the invading box elder bugs. Ensure that you have closed any obvious cracks in your foundation, and check for any openings around doors and windows. Make sure you repair or replace broken window screens.

Buy foam sealant to seal all the nooks and crannies of your home so that the bugs won’t enter. Use a hand duster to apply Drione dust to the cracks. This is an effective repellent to use on these bugs.

Many other bugs such as bed bugs can be a nuisance if they make their way into your home. Boxelder bugs are a harmless creature and will not harm anybody if they coexist with humans.

In order to get of the bugs in the tree source, you have to go to the tree where they live and apply Cypermethrin to their nest. Use a sprayer and smear this to the leaves branches and trunks of the tree. By decreasing their numbers this way, you will be able to reduce the amount that could find their way into your house. Use this chemical on a regular basis every Autumn and Summer as a safeguard to prevent colonies of Elder Bugs from aggregating within these trees.

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