Get rid of Boxelder Bugs

To Get rid of Boxelder bugs you can simply use soap and water however it always a good thing to know a bit about them. They usually gather in huge numbers and unlike the milkweed bug they will seek warmth when the weather turns cold. The boxelder bug get their name from one of there main food sources, the box elder tree. They usually invade  homes in the cooler months of autumn and winter. It becomes necessary for you to get rid of boxelder bugs when they start to infest your home.

Boxelder bugs cause no physical harm to any of the things in your home, however if they are left unattended they multiply rapidly and will swarm crevices and cracks presenting an unsightly look around your home. To truly get rid of boxelder bugs you may have to remove any close boxelder trees.

Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

A boxelder Bug infestation as sometimes seen in the fall and winter

Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

To get rid of boxelder bugs infestation you should first check the eastern side walls and doors as they usually start their residence there. If the boxelder bug have been in an area for any amount of time you can find orange spots of their excreta which is left behind. They may also tuck away their eggs and you can notice that there are red colored eggs. Boxelder bugs are resourceful when hiding there eggs, believe it or not  you may find boxelder eggs hiding their in a blinds mechanism box or any other crevice that they may find.

Box elder excreta will need to be removed with with some wet towels and soap or bleach. To get rid of boxelder bugs You can also  use soap water directly on them to drive them away. It also helps to check outdoors and see where these are hiding there. You should spray insecticide directly on them or the insecticide is otherwise of no use. Finding the colonies of these bugs and destroying them when they cannot still fly is one way of eliminating them from your home.

Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs with insecticide

One other technique to get rid of boxelder bugs is spraying wasp or hornet insecticide which kills them instantly. Any other spray will not kill them. But products specific to be sprayed for wasps is useful in eliminating these bugs. You will find them gathered in large groups so it is easy to spot them and eliminate them.  Keep doors and cracks sealed and make sure that you take precautions and spray any open cracks with insecticide.

To get rid of boxelder bugs you can purchase specials products if soap and water do not work

If you simply cannot Get rid of boxelder bugs or your infestation  is simply to severe you may want to contact a reputable pest control service.

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