What are the damages caused by Boxelder bugs on plants?

What are the damages caused by Boxelder bugs on plants?

Boxelder bug

Boxelder bugs are harmless to humans since they do not bite or they do not have an allergy-inducing compound. However, not the same can be said for plants. Boxelder bugs are not considered agricultural pests because they do not create a large damage but plants still suffer from their infestation. Nymphs or young bugs as well as the adult can take away the fluids from plants especially for the developing leaves that might cause deformation for the plants. Discoloration also occurs for plants that are infested. The leaves can turn yellow. Besides eating the plants, boxelder bugs can also damage the boxelder plant’s seeds, flower, and some branches. The usual hosts for this bug are the female boxelder plants, thus, damage can usually be seen in these species. The fruits and leaves of a host plant can also acquire brown spots because of the bug’s constant feeding.

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