What is a Boxelder tree?

What is a Boxelder tree?

boxelder tree

The Boxelder tree or the Acer Negundo is a kind of maple tree in North America. It can be called as the Ash Maple, Ash-leaf Maple, or American Maple. The tree can grow up to 33 – 82 feet tall and 12 -20 inches in diameter with the leaves starting as green when young. Even the branches will stay green unlike most trees with brown branches. The tree is dioecious and it has a male tree and a female tree for the reproduction. The Boxelder bug can be found in this tree as its host. The Boxelder bugs are the dark brown or black bugs with red eyes and veins in its bodies. The bug usually stays on rocks, shrubs, or any structure that is close with the host plant. The boxelder bugs also reproduce on the boxelder tree, usually leaving their eggs on the leaves during summer. At fall, the nymphs or the young bugs would be feeding at the bottom of the tree since they prefer low vegetation.

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